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Overview of Dental Services

Advanced Medical and Dental Institute (AMDI) has been offering the dental services since 2005 under the management of Dental Section. The Dental Section consists of four main units;

1) Dental Specialist Clinic

2) General Dental Clinic 

3) Dental Technology Laboratory 

4) Dental Health Promotion and Continuous Education

The General Dental Clinic and Dental Specialist Clinic are primarily referral clinics for general dental practice and specialty treatment serving patients who are the residents of University Sains Malaysia, local community and also patient referred from further afield.

Executive Health Services for Dental Treatment

Executive Health Service (EHS) in Institut Perubatan dan Pergigian (IPPT) provides an alternative private healthcare for the patients. We provide specialist dental consultation and dental care in:
•    Orthodontic
•    Prosthodontic
•    Oral Surgery
•    Paediatric Dentistry
•    Dental Public Health
•    General Dentistry
•    Dental Technology Laboratory Services